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About Countik video views counter

- What is live Tiktok video views counter tool?

The live tiktok video views counter is a tool that allows you to see stats (views, likes, comments, shares) of any video on TikTok, that keeps updating in realtime.

- Why not use TikTok default views counter?

You can, but it won't be exact. For example, if a video had 51,561 views, TikTok will show you the short version, which is '51k' and you'll have to keep refreshing to see the counter updated, whereas Countik live counter, updates in realtime, you just have to keep the tab open.

- How to use Countik live video views counter?

Its simple, just follow the steps below :

  • Enter the video URL above
  • (make sure the video URL is in this format : https://www.tiktok.com/@tiktok/video/7062390679292562734 or https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8WtMppE/ )
  • Now you can the video's stats updated live.

Note: this only works if the video is public.

- Do I need to pay to check Live TikTok Video Views Count?

No! Our tool is completely free!

- How accurate is Countik's TikTok video views counter?

Our counter is 100% accurate, because it takes publicly available data directly from TikTok.

- What other tools does Countik have?

For now, we have 2 more other tools than TikTok video views counter :

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